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Blue ResilienceResources for technologies/equipment, planning, case studies, QA and real-time collaboration for managing disaster-prone areas and global resilience to climate change.

The Blue-Green Path to Urban Flood Resilience

World's first palm-sized, autonomous flood monitoring device

Ultrasound waves can help remove polluting microplastics in water

FEMA- 2023 Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program and Policy Guide (HMA Guide)

Living Between Land and Sea: A Webinar for Journalists on Covering Coastal Resilience

Natural Flood management

CCell Renewables could have solution to reversing coastal erosion

How to Save U.S. Coasts: Transforming Climate Research into Action

Design of an automatic hydro-meteorological observation network for a real-time flood warning system

MSUE Resiliency Planning Webinar Series: Session 6

Water Scarcity: The Most Understated Global Security Risk

National Launch of the Resilient Accelerator Initiative & Innovation Hub

Day 4 | Pre-Conference "Water, Megacities and Global Change"

IHE Delft

Risks to Water Resources

HSB Canada Launches ‘Sensor Systems by HSB’ to Help Cut Commercial Water Claims

New Technology May Save Venice From Future Devastating Floods

USGS Unveils Mobile Flood Tool for the Nation

Rising water stress risk threatens US coal plants, largely clustered in 5 states

This neighborhood flooded 17 times over the last 30 years—now it’s moving

Melaka to use technology to become flood-free by 2025

Hengtong Checks Flood Damage with Speed and Technology

How Puerto Rico can build a stronger, more sustainable energy future

Lightning Rounds for Disaster and Risk Mitigation Technology & Investment

Triple-I, ResilientH20 Partners Launch Resilience Innovation Hub | III

New Report Underscores Funding Needs For U.S. Stormwater Sector

Water wheel barrage concept could solve River Severn flood challenge


California Voters to Decide Costly Bond Issues for ‘Climate Resiliency’

New report details progress on market-based solutions to protect natural capital

The City of LA: using innovation and community engagement to tackle climate change

Flood Inundation Mapping at Ungauged Basins Using Coupled Hydrometeorological–Hydraulic Modelling

Maryland officials unveil Smart Pond technology

10 years on: How I helped to tackle city flood

Water mobile compact unit donated to the Philippines

Environment Agency team up with engineering specialists to protect against flood and coastal risks

An Eye on Global Water Resilience From a Miami Perspective

Climate Change is Affecting the Way Europe Floods, Experts Warn

Plant Physiology will be Major Contributor to Future River Flooding, Study Finds

Controversial Lower Manhattan Flood Protection Plan Moves Forward

New Satellite May Make Flood Prediction Easier

Researchers Hone Our Ability to Map Storm Flooding

Researchers Identify Five Factors for Better Coastal Risk-Management Strategies

Midwest Towns Move to Avoid Flooding from Climate Change (Video)

WaterNow Africa Desalination Technology

Emergency Operations Center Profile

Louisiana $1.2 Billion in Flood Mitigation Funds

Innovative Flood Mapping Helps Water and Emergency Management Officials

Improving Predictions and Management of Hydrological Extremes

How Can Technology from Video Games Bring Flood Risks to Life? (Video)

Scientists Develop Flood Prediction Model

CEB Provides €70 Million to Greece for Flood Prevention Measures

Earth’s Freshwater Future: Extremes of Flood and Drought

This Landscape Architect Transforms Sinking Cites into Landscapes that Fight Floods (Video)

Storm Water Banking Could Help Texas Manage Floods and Droughts - UT News

Jakarta is Sinking Really Fast, so Indonesia is Relocating Its City Capital

New technology deployed to fight floods

Forecasters Turn to Array of Technology to Fight Floodwaters (Video)

Hearing to Focus on Preventing More Missouri River Flooding

EPA Assessing Superfund Sites in Midwest Flood Zone

Internet of Things Technology is Now Being Used to Predict Floods (Video)

Sharing the Lessons Learned During the 2013 Colorado Flood

Delaware’s ILC Dover branches out into flood protection technology

MSU Research Highlights Potential Environmental Consequences in the Lower Mekong River

The Shape of Floods to Come: JRC Study on Europe Water Scarcity

Planning Application Submitted for Further £112.1m of Leeds Flood Defences

New Sea-Level Rise and Flood Alert Network Launches with City of Imperial Beach

Adaptable, Scalable and Cost Effective Local Solution to Urban Flooding Prevention

Rising Temperatures and Human Activity Are Increasing Storm Runoff and Flash Floods

USGS Measures Flooding Across Texas

Flooding Caused by Old Data

Scientists Aim to Use Crowdsourced Data to Improve Flood Predictions

USGS Crews Capture Evidence of Carolina Floods

USGS Prepares to Measure Flooding Across Arizona

Flood Frequency of the Amazon River has Increased Fivefold

AI-based System to Forecast Flood in Chennai Week in Advance

Climate-induced Soil Changes may Cause More Erosion and Flash Flooding

Floods: Study Finds Natural and Man-made Causes

DRR 17 | ​Water in ​Colorado and ​water-wise ​decision making ​

Scientists Develop Low-cost Flood Sensing System

'Disaster Risk Reduction' Podcast -E20- Guidelines for Smart Urban Regeneration in Italy and Spain

8 Amazing Anti-Flood Inventions (VIDEO)

Europe Needs Coastal Adaptation Measures to Avoid Catastrophic Flooding by the End of The Century

Flood Detection a Surprising Capability of Microsatellites Mission

Flooding from Sea Level Rise Threatens Over 300,000 US Coastal Homes – Study

Reconstructing America’s Longest Water Level and Instrumented Flood Record

Satellite Data Archives Reveal Unrecorded Himalayan Floods

California to 'Whiplash' Between Drought, Floods: Study

Gigantic Water Tunnels Won’t Save Houston from the Next Harvey

America vs the Netherlands Flood Prevention

Human-Engineered Changes on Mississippi River Increased Extreme Floods

Effektiver Hochwasserschutz

New Study Finds Flood Risk for Americans is Greatly Underestimated

Floods Are Getting Worse, and 2,500 Chemical Sites Lie in the Water’s Path

Global Warming Poses Substantial Flood Risk Increase for Central and Western Europe

Wave Tank Demonstration Showing the Impact of Coastal Defences on Flood Risk

Sea Levels off Dutch Coast Highest Ever Recorded in 2017

River Flood Risks Increase Around the Globe Under Future Warming

Life in a Sea-level Rise Hotspot (Short Movie)

Game of Drones - War on Cambodia’s Flooding

Twitter + Citizen Science + AI = Improved Flood Data Collection

US Flood Risk 'Severely Underestimated'

Why Do Floods Sometimes Happen on Sunny Days?

Floods are Necessary for Maintaining Healthy River Ecosystems

The Law on Water ​of Republika ​Srpska is Now ​Aligned with ​the EU Floods ​Directive

Forest Grazing Counteracts the Effectiveness of Trees to Reduce Flood Risk

Crowdsourcing and Crisis-Mapping in Flood Management – APFM

What is Integrated Flood Management?

New Research Aims to Protect Communities at Risk from Flooding

ILC Dover Gets Patents for Floodproofing Systems

Dutch ​Government ​Awards £​50,000 for ​Innovative ​Flood Risk ​Project

Katadyn Partners to Supply Water Treatment for Hurricane Relief

Studying Microbial Contaminants in Waterways After Hurricane Harvey

Preservation of Floodplains is Flood Protection

MSR's Plan to Provide Clean Drinking Water for Puerto Rico

Humans Are Altering Risk of Nuisance Floods

Standard Will Help Make New Communities Flood-Resilient

Building the first Global Hydrological Status and Outlook System

Septic Systems - What to Do after the Flood

DWP and ​Hatenboer ​Airlift Three ​Mobile ​Desalination ​Units to ​Hurricane-hit ​Saint Martin ​

How Fleets Used Tech to Work Around Harvey and Irma

Hurricanes just ​made Digital ​Walkie Talkie ​No 1 App Online

Grundfos Says Proactive, Not Reactive Flood Management is Needed

Health Dangers of Floodwater

Predictive Maintenance Engineers Dispatched to US Gulf Coast

PowerVision's Drone Could Help Inspect Flooded Infrastructure

Flooding and Communicable Diseases

GWP and WMO's Associated Programme on Flood Management Launch HelpDesk

Lao PDR to Strengthen Resilience to Natural Disasters

The Gospel According to Noah

Land-use Planning and Zoning Ordinance is Must for Preventing Flood: Action Plan

Industrialised Countries have Destroyed Humanity

Araria Floods Real-time Flood Mapping in Jakarta

Flood Barrier ​for Flood Protection in Urban Environments