EPA Assessing Superfund Sites in Midwest Flood Zone

EPA Assessing Superfund Sites in Midwest Flood Zone

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is assessing Superfund sites located in the Midwest flood zone, as weather and water levels allow. No releases of hazardous contaminants caused by flooding at these sites have been identified.

EPA has identified two Superfund sites directly impacted by floodwaters:

At the Nebraska Ordnance Plant, floodwaters rendered portions of the site temporarily inaccessible. Shutdown of the groundwater treatment plant and extraction wells was necessary for approximately two days, due to access issues. The treatment plant and all wells are up and running again.

Conservation Chemical Corporation partially flooded when the Missouri River topped its bank near the site. In response, the site’s Potentially Responsible Parties, under EPA oversight, successfully increased the pumping rate of the groundwater treatment system to account for impacts from floodwaters.

EPA has also identified additional sites where floodwaters have limited access. The Agency will continue monitoring the potential impacts of the floods. As floodwaters recede and areas become safely accessible, EPA will ensure impacted sites are evaluated further to determine if additional actions are necessary. Additional actions may include sampling and site inspections, among others, to ensure that installed remedies remain operational. 

Source: EPA