How Can Technology from Video Games Bring Flood Risks to Life? (Video)

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How Can Technology from Video Games Bring Flood Risks to Life? (Video)

Stantec’s 3D flood mapping technology provides a visual representation of potential flood impacts on a commercial neighborhood in Clive, Iowa

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then consider the value of being able to virtually walk through your neighborhood and see the anticipated effects of a flood event on your property, business, and community. What would a 20% annual chance event look like compared to a 1% annual chance event? Would your home or car be inundated with floodwaters? What’s the expected damage assessment?

Through the power of visualization technology (using a tool frequently used for video game development, known as Unreal Engine ) and integration of FEMA Risk MAP data, these questions can now be answered in a more accessible—and personal—way.

With the ongoing work with FEMA Region VII, which serves Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska, Stantec created a unique opportunity to develop a first-of-its-kind tool to support its client’s ongoing mission to help the public understand their flood risk.

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