DRR 17 | ​Water in ​Colorado and ​water-wise ​decision making ​

DRR 17 | ​Water in ​Colorado and ​water-wise ​decision making ​

Do humans life ​depends on ​water? (YES) ​
Do fruits or ​vegetables need ​water to grow? (​YES)
Does water ​scarcity ​influence ​periods of ​droughts and ​wildfires? (YES)​
If you ​answered yes, ​then there is ​no doubt that ​water is a BIG ​DEAL! ​

In today'​s show ​professor Tom ​Cech, the ​Director of the ​One World One ​Water Center at ​Metropolitan ​State ​University of ​Denver  talks about ​water in ​Colorado and ​the importance ​of interdisciplinary​ ​teamwork for ​better decision ​making ​

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