Predictive Maintenance Engineers Dispatched to US Gulf Coast

Predictive Maintenance Engineers Dispatched to US Gulf Coast

Azima Inc. has sent expert teams and advanced technologies to the U.S. Gulf Coast to provide Predictive Maintenance services in the City of New Orleans on an emergency basis. 

These teams and tools are expected to remain in place for the remainder of the 2017 Hurricane Season and beyond.

azima.pngAzima is a tech-enabled services company that uses information technology to predict and prevent mechanical failure in mission-critical capital equipment on a global basis. 

Azima monitors the reliability of heavy equipment for dozens of large companies and organizations around the world, including the United States Navy.

Azima's latest mission is to safeguard the reliability of critical pumps and motors in the drainage and levy support system for the City of New Orleans. New Orleans is bracing for periodic thunderstorms and heavy rain.

Azima first responders will deploy advanced sensors, data collection tools, software, and algorithms to help predict and prevent equipment failure in the New Orleans water and sewage system  before  it occurs. 

NOLA-based personnel will collect equipment-condition data and send it to Azima via the internet.  In response, Azima will conduct remote analysis and fault-detection – and then send prioritized equipment repair recommendations back to New Orleans in real-time.

Azima will test over 100 pumps and motors throughout New Orleans on a regular basis, to monitor the local impact of Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath. Technology-enabled Predictive Maintenance will play a leading role in keeping pumps and basic infrastructure working in the wake of Harvey's destruction.

About Azima 
Azima maximizes industrial productivity on a global scale. When our clients have capacity, they can sell it. They're serious about uptime, and rely on Azima to maximize it.

Azima delivers programs & results, not parts & pieces. We combine the  efficiency  of algorithms, the  accuracy  of data, and the  judgment  of experts. Azima gets results, and we do it at scale.

No one maximizes industrial productivity in more industries and places than Azima. We cover 100,000 assets in dozens of countries, on every inhabited continent. We even handle stuff on the oceans.

Azima is headquartered in Boston, with locations and experts across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. For more information, please visit

Source: Markets Insider