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Blue ResilienceResources for technologies/equipment, planning, case studies, QA and real-time collaboration for managing disaster-prone areas and global resilience to climate change.

How Can Cities Respond to Flood Disaster Risks - Case Study

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Nature-Based Flood Risk Management on Private Land

GIS Technology, 3D Models and Mathematical Models as a Tool for Assessing Flood Risks

Guidelines for Reducing Flood Losses

Floods: Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies for Human Health

Types of Floods and Floodplains

Floods And Floodplain Management

Best Practices on Flood Prevention, Protection and Mitigation

A Framework for Global River Flood Risk Assessments

Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet Restructuring Stage

Pakistan Floods 2010

Flood Loss Assessments: Case Studies

Crisis Mapping and Crowdsourcing in Flood Management

Conducting Flood Loss Assessment

IFM as an Adaptation Tool for Climate Change: Case Studies

Risk Sharing in Flood Management

The Role of Land-Use Planning in Flood Management

Reservoir Operations and Managed Flows

Community-Based Flood Management

Applying Environmental Assessment for Flood Management