Xavier Bonache i Felici, Civil Enginner at CCHiH [Civil & Environmental Engineering Consultancy]

Xavier Bonache i Felici, Civil Enginner at CCHiH [Civil & Environmental Engineering Consultancy]


Civil, Hydraulic & Environmental Engineering Consultancy,
Specialized in Water Resources & Water Risk Management
[Hydrology, Hydraulics, River Engineering, Flood, Modelling, GIS]

+22 Years Professional Experience in:
o Hydrology, Rainfall, Climatology
o Hydraulic & River Engineering
o Channeling Design for Natural Waterways, Irrigation Canals, Drainage Channels & Culverts
o Flooding Studies & Mapping, Flood Hazard and Risk Management, Dam Break Studies
o Mathematical Modelling + Calibration & Validation:
- Hydrological: Distributed & Pseudodistributed
- Hydraulics: One & Two-Dimensional (1D+2D)
- Preassure Flow
- Groundwater Flow 
o GIS: Geographic Information System, Photointerpretation & Remote Sensing
o Hydroinformatics
o Drainage:
- Sewarage & Drainage Collectors
- Urban Stormwater Drainage and Sanitation Plans
- Infrastructure Drainage Studies (Road & Railway)
o Water Resources Management:
- Technical Report for Water Administrations
- Documentation Support for: Contracts / Public and Private Consulting Tenders
- Technical Consultancy/Assistance to Public Administrations
o Hydraulic Works Construction Projects
o Work Project Management
o Health & Safety Coordination Services
o Expert Reports
o Renewable Energies & Energy Certification
o Environmental Engineering
o Sustainability

A GIS-Based Model for the analysis of an urban flash flood and its hydro-geomorphic response. The Valencia event of 1957. Journal of Hydrology. 2016.



Industry experience

Education: Masters

Seniority: Expert, Engineer, Consultant

Years of experience: 10 to 20 years