Ruggero Ermini, professor at University of Basilicata

Ruggero Ermini, professor at University of Basilicata


born in Milano on 16 June 1958. From 2004 he is “Associate Professor” of the Disciplinary Scientific Sector (ICAR/02) of Hydraulic and Maritime Construction and Hydrology in the Faculty of Architecture “Università degli studi della Basilicata”. He obtained the degree of “Laurea” in “Hydraulic Engineering” on 6 June 1986 at Università degli Studi di Bari with 110/110 lode on discussing the experimental regarding Experimental studies on aerated circular water jet”.

On 1992 he became researcher in the same DSS at the Faculty of Engineering of the Università degli studi della Basilicata.

From the 1992, he is involved in many istitutional activities: Member of the Administrative Board, Delegate from the Rector to the building works and management; appointee of the course of Hydraulic Construction, Water supply networks and sewer networks, Hydraulic Infrastructures, Hydraulic Works Design, responsible of the Erasmus project, of the teledidactics project, of the Hydraulic Laboratory.

He points its research activity in the field of the hydraulic constructions, being interested particularly of the themes regarding: systems reliability analysis applied to the water distribution systems and to the water supply systems, flood analysis and controls, physical and mathematical modeling and its applications to the hydraulic works, feasibility analysis of hydraulic works and particularly of small hydroelectric power plant.


Industry experience

Education: Bachelor

Seniority: Manager, Director, Professor

Years of experience: 20 years or above