Marina powell-Currie, FIM Advisor at Environment Agency


I have worked in the Environment Agency for 20 years mainly with a Flood Warning / Flood Incident background.

I have been a team leader responsible for a team across Cumbria and Lancashire looking at creating new flood warning areas, communicating the risk and supporting with resilience and setting the Incident Response including procedures, training, community plans etc.

I have also worked in the national team in the implementation of the new flood warning system and was responsible for data migration.

I was heavily involved in the Multi Agency Flood plan review which was part of the Major General Tim Cross review.

I am currently working in Partnerships and strategic overview team responsible for a team that handles Data (Mapping and Modelling), looking at alternative funding and carries out project work.

Industry experience

Education: Bachelor

Seniority: Manager, Director, Professor

Years of experience: 20 years or above