Kevin Mercer, Chief Evangelist & Vision Keeper, RainGrid

Kevin Mercer, Chief Evangelist & Vision Keeper, RainGrid


About RainGrid Inc.

RainGrid is a climate adaptation/resilience company designing intelligent distributed flood and drought infrastructure for safer homes and businesses , and smarter cities . RainGrid sets the standard for residential [Stormwater Smartgrid] and commercial [smartBlu Roofs] private property-based, rain harvesting systems.


RainGrid utilizes cloud-based AI and IoT to create autonomously managed networks of residential and commercial rain harvesting guided by quantitative precipitation forecasting (QPF) that generates real-time data visualization and analytics of flood and drought risk, while also providing an unrivalized stormwater attenuation and subsequent groundwater recharge capacity. RainGrid Stormwater Smartgrid community networks provide reliable, measurable and cost-effective distributed green infrastructure for rainfall reuse on a property-based or communal purple-pipe network basis.


RainGrid's “lot level utility” community-based P3 business model (CBP3) provides flexible financing, implementation and maintenance modules for utilities and cities to implement real-time automated community networks of municipally owned and asset managed flood and drought resilience on private properties.


Industry experience

Education: Masters

Seniority: Board director, CEO, COO, CFO, President, Provost

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