Jenny Livermore Lewis, Land Phil (zero waste2landfill) future 3 Projects Products Systems

Waste2Wealth Strategist. De-centralising on-site local waste solutions, re-ducing, re-using, storage, transportation, end of life processing.  waste2resource, waste2energy, Zero waste2landfill. Future 3, Projects, Products, Systems processing - providing localised solutions is now not an option its a priority- Climate Change Targets set for 2050 are now the most important and responsible targets we must set ourselves within the public, private and community sectors and the actions every human being must take seriously.  If we do not take action at local levels across the world we will never achieve the necessary targets, working 'TOGETHER' across the world has never been more significant as our Planet Earth is the very thing that keeps us all alive.  'COMMANALITY' means exactly that as we all live under the 'same roof' and it needs mending.