Iulian Nichersu, PhD

Iulian Nichersu, PhD


Member in interdisciplinary and international research groups in Romania and EU, Iulian Nichersu has 32 years of experience in the scientific research of Danube Delta and Floodplain, which include studies in geography, socio-anthropology, geomatics, land cover/use changes, river revitalization, biodiversity conservation and ecological restoration, flood risk management, sustainable development, spatial planning and environmental impact. He has conducted Danube Delta researches since 1991 and published several papers with retrieval on the representation of digital cartographic features at multiple levels of details and environmental domains, resulting in the development of multi-scale spatial databases. The development of Land and Ecosystem Accounting Methodology for EEA has been a key part of his work and also worked on environmental change detection, data integration and 3D modeling. Iulian Nichersu has long-time experience in project management and co-ordination of transdisciplinary studies. This work builds on participatory research and international scientific collaboration such as Master plan – Support for Sustainable Development in Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Tulcea County/ Romania or Ecological and Economical Resizing of Lower Danube (REELD) and skills and knowledgeable expertise in the field of spatial approaches and techniques for hazard assessment, and integrate the modeling of the physical processes involved into multi-hazard risk assessment.


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