Elias Moussoulis


"Our world is water, and our knowledge of water environments is second-to-none. It represents 50 years of dedicated research, and real-life experience from more than 140 countries." (Adapted from DHI's website www.dhigroup.com)
My role is to develop further the MIKE Powered by DHI Software business in Greece and Cyprus and seek for new collaboration opportunities in the World of Water, whether these are related to marine & coastal environments, inland waters, urban networks, Industrial partners or integrated Information management, DSS and operational forecasting systems.
The scope of services include taking part in Research projects and consultancy studies, selling and marketing MIKE Software products as well as supporting the local MPbD Users communities. Providing training courses and organising events such as User Group Meetings, customer visits and webinars are also included in my daily life tasks portfolio.


Industry experience

Education: Masters

Seniority: Expert, Engineer, Consultant

Years of experience: 10 to 20 years

Work experience