Dr.Mohamed Elkalla, Senior Chemist at PIC

Dr.Mohamed Elkalla, Senior Chemist at PIC


Interests and Experience are wide but mostly concerned about the water, wastewater treatments, corrosion and the energy beside the nature and environment preservation, the first research was about the Environmental protection laws and shared it in the 10th International Environmental conference for the Mediterranean Sea countries in Alexandria and it was put in considerations and led to the modifications of the Environments laws later, also, contributed with a research in the international conference for environmental hazard mitigation in Cairo University with a research about the economic benefits which can be gained from changing to the use of natural gas instead of crude oil, heavy oil and to some limit for the light fuels with exploring a study case for results gathered during two years for measurements with deviation from the allowed limits and costs of maintenance, the third research was about a modification in materials used in water treatment by making coupling of alum and ferric chloride with studied ratio to improve the quality of the produced water and decrease the cost of the treatment, the fourth research was about addition of certain biocide materials to the closed cooling ‎circles to prevent the consumption of the corrosion inhibitors by the ‎effect of bacteria; it was applied in the treatment in the stations of ‎the company.‎ the fifth research was to make designs to be introduced in the train of the exhausted air after coming out from the burner chamber in its way to the Chimney, through these additional chamber ( reactor) the exhausted gases which include (NOX, SOX and CO2) are treated with ammonia solution to use these gases in producing fertilizers and wash the air from pollutants to produce environmentally clean air beside gaining liquid fertilizer, these are the major researches beside some normal researches to solve problems facing the work in power stations.


Industry experience

Education: PhD

Seniority: Manager, Director, Professor

Years of experience: 20 years or above