Claudia Viegas, Independent Researcher

Claudia Viegas, Independent ResearcherI am professor and researcher specialized in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Health Impact Assessment (HIA), Social Impact Assessment (SIA), and Strategic Impact Assessment (SEA). I have two post-doctorate internships (Industrial Engineering, at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, 2011, and Engineering and Knowledge Management, at Federal University of Santa Catarina, 2014). My doctorate research, in Engineering and Knowledge Management, at UFSC (2009), was focused on the activities of knowledge management in the elaboration of the EIA I have studied EIAs in the following fields: hydropower, transportation, industrial facilities installation, and hazardous wastes landfills. I teach since 2002, in graduation and undergaduation courses. My teaching is addressed mainly to Environmental Management, for undergraduate students of Engineering (Production, Chemical, Materials, Mechanical), Biology, and related courses. At graduation level, I have taught courses as Organizational Sustainability (including topics as Life Cycle Assessment, reverse logistics, cleaner production, and ecodesign). I have a Master degree in Management (Environmental Management, at UFRGS, where I developed a master dissertation on Technological Capability and Industrial Solid Waste Management, from 1994 to 1997). I have a degree in Geography (Full Teaching) finished in 2018, and a Communication degree finished in 1991. As journalist, I carried out specialized work in Environment and Health and Safety. I have lived in Berlim, Germany, in 2001, where I performed a course in Environmental Reporting. I was twice invited for the U.S. Government for participating as academic person in The National Health Impact Assessment Meeting, with grant from The Pew Trust Charitable and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (2013 and 2015) at Washington, D.C. I also worked as volunteer teacher from 2013 to 2014 in Florianopolis (SC), where I created and taught an Environmental Economics and Policy course for North American undegraduate students under studies exchange at USAC (University Studies Abroad Consortium). My last job was as full professor in Industrial Engineering Graduation Programa at Unisinos University (São Leopoldo, Brazil), where I have researched on reverse logistics, sustainability assessment, and cleaner production . I have research partnership with a colleague of the Universit of East Anglia (U.K.) since 2004, with joint publications since 2010. I have also created a course on Intangible Assets in wich I develop studies on models for asssessing intelectual capital.